Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp nest removal in Hastings, Bexhill, Rye, Hailsham, Heathfield and surrounding areas.

Wasp Nest destruction from professional, qualified pest technicians.

If you have a wasp nest that you need removed or destroyed, call us today to reserve your slot.

Same day call-outs often available. We remove wasp nests all year round. In Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Hailsham, Crowborough, Rye and anywhere in between.

Wasp nests removal costs £80 for the first nest, and £12 per additional nest at the same property, at the same time.

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We remove and destroy wasp nests in the ground, trees, lofts, void cavities and more. Using professional pole equipment, we can reach most nests without the need for ladders.


Wasp Nest Removal
A wasp nest in an attic space

Rother Pest Control operate a wasp nest removal service that typically runs between May and October, with the busy period being at the end of the summer. This service is available 7 days a week, during daylight hours, so if you need us, please call us quickly.

This service operates all year round, and we do remove dead wasp nests over the winter. We offer a 100% destruction guarantee for all wasp nests. If the first treatment fails, we will attend again, for free, and re-treat the nest. This happens on rare occasions, and is normally where we cannot treat the nest directly (IE, it’s in a void).

Wasp nest removal and destruction

We have 2 main ways of dealing with wasp nest – Removal and destruction.

Hastings Wasp Nest
How many wasp nests can you see in this loft?

Removal –  If at all possible, we will remove a wasp nest. This is typically done with nests hanging in the open, and smaller nests that have just been started.

Destruction – If we cannot get to the nest to remove it, then we will use a special powder to destroy the nest by killing all the wasps. This is handy if the wasps have built their nests in places where we cannot get to.

We destroy wasp nests in a variety of locations. This includes lofts and attic spaces, sheds and out buildings, hanging in bushes and trees, and under the ground. As long as we can see the entrance, and where the wasps are going in, we can apply the treatment.

Cost of wasp nest removal

To destroy a wasp nest costs £80. Any additional nests at the same property, treated at the same time, are an additional £12 each. We accept payment over the phone at the time of booking, or our fully trained and insured technicians can accept payment by card or cash. Following the works, we always issue a receipt and treatment report.

The site of a nest will often depend upon the actual species of wasp. Some prefer to nest in trees or shrubs whereas others prefer to colonise more rigid structures such as lofts, wall cavities or holes in the ground.

A wasp nest is only active for 1 year. Wasps don’t reuse nests, and build a new one each year. This is unlike Honey Bees, who will continue to use, and re-inhabit old nests.

Most wasps can give a nasty sting if provoked which can lead, on occasions, to the entire colony mounting an attack. Some people are allergic to wasp stings and are likely to go into anaphylactic shock if stung. This situation requires immediate medical attention due to its seriousness.

Tackling a wasp nest removal should, without doubt, be left to properly trained and equipped professionals. The destruction of a wasp’s nest is extremely quick, with the inhabitants usually dying within 2 hours of the pesticide being applied.

It is rare that a second visit is required. However, if we cannot apply the treatment directly to the nest, a second visit may be required. This is included in the initial treatment cost.

How much does it cost to remove a wasp nest?

We charge £80 to destroy a wasp nest. It’s not always possible to remove the nest, but we can kill all the wasps within it. We offer a 100% destruction guarantee.

Do wasps reuse old nests?

No. A queen wasp will build here nest at the start of the season, and build it up through the year. It is then abandoned in the autumn / winter. Wasps never reuse old nests (unlike bees), but may build a nest nearby.

We can’t see the nest, can you still treat it?

If you are in the situation where you are able alot of wasp activity, but not able to gain access to the nest (due to it being in a cavity / void etc), then yes, we can still treat it. There are various techniques and products that we can use to treat the nest.

If you have any questions, or would like more details, please contact us.