Wasp nest Hastings

Wasp nest in Hastings

If you have a wasp nest in Hastings, call us today. We can respond to many nests on the same day.

Here at Rother Pest Control, we respond to many Wasp nests in Hastings each year. They range in size from golf balls, all the way up to beach balls. Some nests we are able to treat and leave in place, others we remove.

We offer a 100% guarantee for Wasp nest Hastings and Rother! 99% of nests only need 1 treatment.

If you have a nuisance wasp nest in Hastings, call us on 01424 559494

We are able to offer a same day call out in many circumstances, and most of the wasps in the nest are gone within a couple of hours of our visit. We provide this service to domestic and commercial properties throughout Hastings and Rother.

Wasp nest Hastings

For the latest price guidelines for Wasp nest removal, please see our page here: Wasp nest Removal

How do you treat a wasp nest in Hastings?

Depending on the situation, informs which way we will treat them. Under some circumstances, it is easy and quicker to remove the nest entirely. This cures the problem almost instantly. There are still a few wasps that will fly back to where the nest was, but these will disperse and die within a couple of days.

Where we are unable to locate the nest, or it would be impractical to remove, we can treat with a special dust powder. This works very quickly to kill the nest off. We have telescopic poles that can reach high up the side of the building, and gain access under tiles and soffits. When the dusting powder is impractical to use, freeze sprays and liquids can be used.

Why do you have a wasp nest?

Wasps build a new nest each year, and they don’t return to an old nest. Each spring, the wasp queen will start building here nest, and gradually start building up the number of wasps. She chooses the location, and it could be anywhere from a shed, to a loft, stable to bush. Over the summer, the nests and the number of wasps increases. By August, the nest is nearly complete, and many of the workers are no longer needed. This is when they start searching for sugary snacks, and become a pain for humans.

I don’t have a nest, but do have a wasp problem, can you help?

If you don’t have an obvious nest, but are being plagued by wasps, then we can still help. Many pubs and outdoor catering places experience issues with wasps attacking customers. If we cannot locate a nest, then we can supply and install wasp attractants. These bags can be hung away from people are, and will attract the wasps to them, and away from customers.
We will then return, empty and refill to ensure you are kept as wasp free as possible. Please contact us to discuss further

Wasp Nest in Hastings and Bexhill – Call us today and get it sorted!