Rodent Control

There are many ways to perform rodent control in your house and business. Many of these can be undertaken by the householder, and don’t require professional intervention. However, there are some times when it is best to call in a professional, and get their opinion, if you are struggling to get rid of the problem.

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What is a rodent?

Many people will be familiar with Mice and rats, and will know them as the main rodents we see in the UK. The word Rodent comes from a Latin word, that means ‘to gnaw’. And this is what rodents do, in plentiful supply. They will gnaw wood, cables, furniture, plaster and even concrete!
Squirrels, guinea pigs and hamsters are also classed as rodents.

Rodent Control
Mummified Rat Found in someone’s loft

Rodent Control

There are 3 main things that rodents need in order to survive; Food, Harbourage and Water. If you take away these, they will no longer be interested in being there. Their food can be anything from dropped items down the side of the cooker, fruit in a bowl, to packets in the cupboard.

Harbourage is where they live. They like to be undisturbed, and typically build a nest in a dark place.

Water is more important for rats, as they drink. Mice will get most of their water requirements from the food they eat.

Proofing, trapping and stopping

For the best rodent control results, it’s important to stop them. Find out where their holes are, and get them filled or covered. Don’t use expanding foam, as they will chew through it. A metal mesh can be used, but make sure the holes are 5mm or smaller to stop mice. Mice can get through 6mm holes – That’s about as big a pencil.

If the rodents are within a property, after all the holes and entry points have been filled, then we need to look at how to get them out. There is a wide range of live trap, and breakneck traps on the market. Make sure they are placed where the rodents run, typically on the edge of a wall. Bait them with something they love – chocolate spread or peanut butter.
If the infestation is especially bad, then a rodenticide should be used. However, this should be applied properly, and inspected. Contact a professional pest controller for more details on this.

When you have filled all the holes, and got rid of the infestation, it’s then important to stop it from happening again. Continue to monitor the exterior of your property for holes where they enter, and don’t let plants grow up the outside of the house.
Don’t leave food lying around inside, and clean up any spillages. As we said at the top of this article, they need food, water and harbourage. Stop them having these, and you won’t have a problem.

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