Rats and Mice

Rat and mouse control

If you’re having issues with rats and mice in Hastings, or East Sussex, call us today on 01424 559313.
Same and next day call-outs often available.

We have a wide variety of techniques that we have to deal with rodent issues. These include advice and proofing (blocking holes), trapping and finally rodenticide (poison).

Our service for the control of Rats and Mice is available within 20 Miles of Hastings. This includes Eastbourne, Hailsham, Rye, Bexhill and St Leonards.

Rats and Mice

Domestic Clients:

At domestic properties, we provide a service to deal with any infestation of rats and mice that you may be experiencing. Be it one mouse or rat, to an ongoing infestation, we can help with it all.

Before we do anything, we conduct a survey, and then choose the most appropriate treatment for that situation. This may be advice, trapping or rodenticide. We look at how to stop the issue, and not only eliminate the rodents from the property, but also stop them from getting in again.

Our domestic service is typically available within 48 hours, and on many occasions we can provide same day, or next day service. Call us now to discuss your issue.

Rat control cost:

£130 for a standard 3 bed, domestic property requiring rat or mouse eradication. However, this is all dependant upon the survey results.

Our normal service will involve at least 3 visits to the property. During this time we will treat the problem, and monitor how the treatment is going. We will also remove and dispose of any remains that are found.

Commercial Clients:

We provide call-outs and ongoing contract control at many commercial properties for rats and mice. From restaurants and takeaways, to dental practices, offices and industrial units. We provide bait boxes for locations, and an ongoing supply and monitor service for these.

Our emergency call out service will assist in dealing with rodent issues that you may have.

For those premises that require ongoing rodent control, we provide a complete documented service that is acceptable to the EHOs.

Our commercial clients, who sign up for the rats and mice service, also get a discount for treatment of other pests that may occur throughout the year.

For more details, please contact us today and discuss your needs. However, all commercial clients are charged based on the results of the survey.

Poison isn’t always the answer

Being a responsible company, following the code of best practice from the CRRU, we know that using rodenticide (rat poison as it’s commonly called) should always be the last option. That is why we conduct a full survey, and see what we can do before using rodenticides. In some circumstances it’s unavoidable, but in others, there are other things that can be done first.

We have a variety of techniques that we can bring to you, and have experience in proofing, trapping and eliminating rodents.


1- I’ve just seen a rat, how quick can you get here!
If you’re in our service area, we can normally be out to you on the same day. If not, we are often able to be there the next day.

2- I have a dog / cat, can you still help with the rat issue?
Yes we can. We’ll discuss domestic animals when we conduct our initial survey.

3- Will you help stop the rodents getting in the property?
We can help to stop them coming into buildings, by a process called ‘proofing’. We can see the holes where they are getting in, and block them off to stop it happening again.

4- Do you try to stop other animals getting the bait?
Yes – We take every effort and precaution, to ensure that only the target species get access to the bait that we use.