Pest Control

Here at Rother Pest Control we provide a wide range of services that deal with many different pests. From small flying or crawling insects, up to mammals and birds, we can help and offer advice on them all. With a Stop, Look and learn approach for all jobs, we ensure that we give the best treatment possible.

Covering an area from Hastings to Flimwell, and Rye to Pevensey, we can respond quickly to many pest emergencies. Our trained and insured technicians know what to do, and can normally treat the same day. We carry a large amount of items in our vans, to ensure we have what we need, when we need it.

Pest Control
Rat entry point to a house

Integrated Pest Control

Pest control isn’t all about chucking poison down, or spraying the harshest chemical you can find. We take an approach where we stop and look at your problem. What is the scale of the problem? What pest is causing the issue? The answers to these questions, lets us decide what is the best treatment. This isn’t always chemicals and poisons.

For instance, the pests maybe able to be cleared with improved hygiene recommendations, or trapping. After that, we can look at rodenticides and chemicals if the problem persists.

But we don’t just stop at dealing with the pests. There are many other aspects that can be looked at, and advice given on. Should you block up some more holes? For instance, a drain survey or bird spikes may be needed.

Above all, Rother Pest Control keep up to date with the latest trends and products in the industry. This allows us to bring you the best pest management that we can. We follow the CRRU code of conduct, and are members of the NPTA. We work in both domestic and commercial properties, and are available out of hours, if required. Contact us today to discuss your pest management needs.