Wasp Nest Removal

Hastings Wasp Nest

Each year, we deal with many, many Hastings wasp nest. These range from nests in lofts and attic spaces, through to nests in trees, bushes, cavities, underground and anywhere else that wasps decide to build. We have the capability to deal with nests that can’t be seen (but we know where the wasps are going in) and really high, out of reach nests.

Hastings Wasp Nest Treatment just £80 for the first nest, and £12 for each additional nest*

*treated at the same time, at the same premises

Hastings Wasp Nest Treatment

Depending on the location of the nest, depends on how we treat it.
If the nest is accessible, and we can get our hands to it, then we will destroy and remove there and then. This will include the removal of the wasp nest, and all its contents. This includes nest that are in attic spaces, bushes, sheds, and even hot tubs!

Wasp Nest in a Hot Tub

If we can’t get to the nest, then we have a variety of tools that we use to spray a special powder either into the nest, or the entrance points that the wasps are taking. This then allows the wasps to carry this powder into the nest, killing all the wasps within it. This includes areas such as voids, under roof tiles etc.

If the nest is in the ground, then we aim to dig it out, and remove all the nest. This isn’t always possible, so we have products that are licensed to be used outside, to treat a wasp nest. Wasps may build their nests in the grass, flowerbeds and even compost bins.

Hastings Wasp Nest
A loft containing at least 5 wasp nests. Each built in different years.

Hastings Wasp Nest Guarantee

Our service offers a 100% guarantee, and we will destroy the nest. On the very odd occasion we need to make a return visit, but 98% of nests are killed on the first visit.
After treatment, nests can often be left where they are. However, if we can, we will try our best to remove them. Certainly, nests in bushes would be removed. Indeed, we even remove nests in loft spaces, if practical to do so.

How quick can you come?

Often, we are able to get out to deal with the wasp nest on the same day that you call us. So don’t delay, call us today. For all Hastings Wasp Nest Treatments, use a local company – We’re based between Hastings and Battle.

If we can’t do same day treatment, then we can book you in for the next day. If you’re in no rush, and want it dealt with a week next Thursday, that can also be arranged. Just call us today on 01424 559 494

Will the wasps come back?

During the day, many wasps are out of the nest foraging. These wasps will avoid the initial treatment on the nest, or not be present when we destroy the wasp nest. However, they will return to where the nest was. This may happen for a couple of days. Gradually, these wasps (normally small in number) will go off and find another nest to join, or die. You should see a massive reduction in the number of wasps, and then nothing at all after about a week.

We are often asked, will the wasps return again? There is a small chance that they will come back to your bush / attic / garden in the future, but they won’t use the same nest again. Wasps start building their nests in the early spring, and that is their one nest that they will use for that year. They never reuse nests, but may choose your attic again in another year, or 2.

Wasp Nest Hastings

Not only do we treat wasp nests, but we can also assist with setting up wasp traps. Speak to one of our staff members about this, and they can advise you further.

If you have a wasp nest in Rye,  Rye Pest Control  is our sister company

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