Flea Treatment and Fumigation

Flea treatment and fumigation service in Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Hailsham,
Rye and anywhere in between.

Is your house or business being plagued by fleas? Have you tried all the shop bought products and it’s having no big effect? Then it may be time to call in the professionals, and have your flea problem sorted. At Rother Pest Control, we provide a flea treatment service to homes and businesses.

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Using spray equipment, and professional only chemicals, we can knock down flea infestations quickly and simply. Our chemicals have a residual effect, meaning it stays on the surface for 7 to 10 days. Therefore, any eggs hatching out will also be effected.

Flea Treatment

How much is a flea treatment?

The cost of this service for flea treatment in domestic properties is £100 for up to 4 rooms, and additional rooms are charged at £25 per room. In most normal properties, we count the hallway, landing and bathroom as 1 room.

Typically, a 3 bed semi can have the flea treatment completed in 45 to 90 minutes. We then ask that everyone remains out of the property for ideally 4 hours to allow the treatment to dry.

Business premises and other locations are charged on a quoted basis. Contact us for more details. We can apply our treatment to offices, garages, care homes, workshops, retail and many other places. The treatment can also be completed at evenings and weekends if required.

How quickly can you arrive to fumigate fleas?

Under normal circumstances, we can book most flea fumigation treatments in for the next working day, or soon after that. This may vary depending on what else we have booked in, and the size of your property.

What do I need to do?

To achieve the best possible results, we ask all our customers to follow the steps below before any flea treatment begins. There is then a series of steps to follow once the treatment has been applied.

  • Vacuum the whole house, including furniture such as settees and lounge chairs. Then empty the vacuum into an external bin.
  • Place all food items inside cupboards/fridge. This includes fruit bowls, cutlery, crockery and utensils.
  • All items littering the floor should be picked up. Including under sofas.
  • Customers must not be present in a room while it is treated.
  • Vacuum cleaner and brushes must be accessible for treatment.
  • Property should be warm, not overheated.
  • Cats and dogs MUST be treated with a suitable, veterinary approved product such as Frontline or Advantage. This treatment must be continued or fleas will return.
  • All pets must be removed from the property for the duration of the treatment. Fish tanks and open water containers must be covered.
  • Windows should be closed during treatment.


  • Do not:  Enter treated areas until dry (at least 2 hours).
  • Do not: Vacuum or mop clean treated areas for at least 7 days.
  • Do:  Ventilate treated areas very well.
  • Do: Wash all cutlery and crockery from treated area    thoroughly if left in the open.
  • Do:  Wash down all food preparation areas with a good kitchen cleaner.
  • Do:  Wear slippers or shoes in treated areas at all times (for at least the first 7 days).
  • Do:  Try to stop children from playing on treated areas.
  • Do: Try to keep pets out of treated areas as long as possible.
  • Do:  Wash hands thoroughly before eating.


1- I believe I have fleas, but I’m not sure, can you help?
Yes, we can. We can place down flea traps, and see what they catch.

2- My office staff think we have fleas, as they are getting bitten, but there are no signs of them.
This is quite common, and may be something else, not fleas. Contact us to discuss more.

3- Will you spray my bed?
No, we don’t spray bedding, or mattress (unless its needed). Typically, we spray the floor area, and approximately 1 metre high up the wall.

4- Is your work guaranteed?
Yes, we guarantee that we will solve the problem. If the problem isn’t resolved after the first treatment, contact us for details of what we can do next.